30 06, 2020

Grass Roots: Limiting Landfill on Bin Night

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ABC NEWS "How do we limit our waste footprint on the planet? Suzanne Hill reveals it's all about re-using, re-purposing and recycling as well as being conscious of what you buy from the outset. She spoke with Ryan Collins, Head of Circular Economy Programs at Planet Ark, and Asanki Fernando who hasn't put her bin [...]

30 06, 2020

Revealed: more than 1,000 metric tons of microplastics rain down on US parks and wilderness

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THE GUARDIAN "A survey of 11 remote western locations found that, over a year, the fragments had travelled through the atmosphere like rain or water particles..."

30 06, 2020

COVID-19: Creative man turns metallic drums into hand-washing sinks at bus stops

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YEN "The coronavirus has thus far infected many people in Africa and some of the cases were identified as local transmissions. Now, more than ever, it's important to follow the guidelines on how to stay healthy - including washing one's hands..."

30 06, 2020

Coronavirus: Fifty million plastic pieces sifted from beach in lockdown

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BBC NEWS "Artist Rob Arnold is spending his lockdown sifting plastic from 40 sacks of litter from his local beach. Two vans loads were collected from Tregantle beach in Cornwall before the lockdown came into effect. He has removed items including 50 million plastic beads, 200 car tyre dust caps and 300 Lego flippers. Rob [...]

30 06, 2020

The plastic products banned in Queensland from July 1, 2021

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BRISBANE TIMES "Plastic cutlery, straws and single-use plastic plates will be banned from sale in Queensland from July 1 next year. Businesses now have until April 15, 2020 to lodge comments and to make further suggestions before the final bill is written and tabled in Queensland Parliament..."

30 06, 2020

From plastic scraps to plant pots: giving new life to your plastic waste

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SUSTAINABILITY VICTORIA "You may be curious as to what happens to the plastic bottles you put in your recycling bin each week, or – if you’re going that one step further – the soft plastics you bundle up and drop off at your local supermarket..."

30 06, 2020

‘Chockers’: Couple go one year without putting the bin out

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THE AGE "Liz Arnott and husband Brian Canty put their rubbish bin out for the first time in 12 months on Tuesday morning and, no, it wasn’t a huge skip. The Ringwood North couple hadn't wheeled their – admittedly "chockers" – 80-litre household bin to the nature strip since June 4 last year..."