21 03, 2019

Plastic Microbeads – Australian Government

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AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT Microbeads are small, solid, manufactured plastic particles that are less than 5mm and don’t degrade or dissolve in water. They may be added to a range of products, including rinse-off cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products...

18 03, 2019

War On Waste Event In Ballarat Creates Buzz For Recycled Plastic Products

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REPLAS "On December 4th, Replas was a guest at the ‘War on Waste Movement, educating for a sustainable future’ at the Ballarat Tech School in Ballarat, Victoria. Craig Reucassel, War on Waste Documentary host, was the guest speaker who referenced Replas as a positive change and small solution to a big problem..."

18 03, 2019

Lifeline urges people not to dump clothing outside bins after charities inundated

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ABC MELBOURNE  By Brittney Kleyn "Some charities are resembling a dump site after being inundated with unwanted goods in the post-Christmas clean out. Lifeline estimates half its stores across the country have stopped accepting donations, due to storage restrictions..."

18 03, 2019

What’s changed one year since the start of our recycling crisis?

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ABC BALLARAT By Dominic Cansdale "Almost 12 months after a crisis within Australia's recycling sector came to light, local councils and businesses are still looking for answers from government at state and federal levels..."

18 03, 2019

Japan Calls On Its Citizens To Help Collect Old Electronics To Create 100% Recycled Tokyo Medals

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BORED PANDA By Sofie Tapia "One mans trash is another man’s treasure – which is why the Olympians at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games will be receiving recycled trash as their prizes..."

18 03, 2019

Perth’s first ocean rubbish bin is sucking plenty of plastic out of the sea

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ABC RADIO PERTH  By Gian De Poloni "A unique floating rubbish bin, which effectively acts as a vacuum cleaner for the ocean, is being put to good use in waters off Western Australia for the first time..."

18 03, 2019

MARKET PULSE: The circular economy brimming with job opportunities

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THE FIFTH STATE  By Poppy Johnston "A special MARKET PULSE report on waste: There’s a world of job opportunities from waste now that China’s (justifiably) refused to take our refuse. For every 10,000 tonnes of material recycled in Australia, 9.2 jobs are created..." 

18 03, 2019

Sikkim School Teacher Earns Money From Waste, Sponsors Education of Village Kids

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THE BETTER INDIA  By Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk "Lomas Dhungel, a 34-year-old science and mathematics teacher at the Government Senior Secondary School in Sikkim’s Makha village, is doing something few in this country are..."