21 08, 2019

Ban on recyclable waste exports looms as political leaders commit to a phase out

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ABC NEWS  By Matthew Doran and Jade Macmillan "Australia will work towards banning recyclable waste being exported overseas, after a meeting of state, territory and federal leaders in Cairns..."

20 08, 2019

Recycling plant gains environmental approval to give end-of-road tyres new life as oil, steel and carbon

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ABC NEWS By Lucy Thackray "A regional town in central-west New South Wales is set to become a major player in oil production and the renewable fuels market..."

20 08, 2019

Shopping centre’s ‘genius’ plastic bag initiative to help forgetful shoppers

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YAHOO NEWS "A plastic bag trading station has won community praise for its “genius” initiative that helps shoppers carry their items without having to fork out for new bags..."  

20 08, 2019

Scott Morrison Shares Importance Of Turning Waste Into Asphalt, Recycled Plastic Benches and More

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PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA OFFICIAL WEBSITE "PRIME MINISTER: Good morning everyone, it’s great to be here with Minister Karen Andrews and it’s also great to be here with Peter Schmigel from the Australian Council of Recycling. It’s great to be here at the Downer site which is doing something absolutely amazing about Australia’s future..."

5 08, 2019

The Tide Is Turning: Entrepreneur Turning Post-Consumer Plastic Waste Into Sustainable Surf Products

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REPLAS RECYCLED PLASTIC PRODUCTS "The recipe? ⅓ Australian beach plastics and ⅔ Australian kerbside-collected plastics..."

5 08, 2019

SA council creates circular economy with reuse marketplace

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INSIDE WASTE By Miri Schroeter "The City of Mount Gambier council has taken the reuse market into its own hands by creating a second-hand shop, which has resulted in 60 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill since it opened in October 2018..."

5 08, 2019

633 divers set world record cleaning ocean flood off Deerfield Beach

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SUN SENTINEL By Wayne K Roustan "Another of the estimated 50,000 Guinness World Records has been broken and it happened Saturday when 633 scuba divers scooped up trash from the ocean floor near the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier..."

5 08, 2019

Biofuel, beeswax wraps and recyclable coffee cups: United debuts ‘eco-friendly flight’

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USA TODAY By Dawn Gilbertson "United Airlines hasn’t served complimentary meals in economy for years, but passengers on Flight 310 from Chicago to Los Angeles on Wednesday were treated to a choice of a Thai summer salad with mango and rice noodles, a quinoa and kale super-food wrap or an artisanal cheese plate..."

5 08, 2019

Primary school pollutes a swimming pool to educate pupils on plastic pollution

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ITV NEWS "Pupils from Ysgol Wdig in Pembrokeshire were left ‘shocked’ when they turned up for what seemed like a routine swimming lesson at their local leisure centre..."